My name is Clovis Whitman and I’m glad you found this site. Here’s a bit about myself, if you’re interested.

I was raised in Fresno, California during the school year, where I enjoyed delicious fruits, played a lot of volleyball, and read all kinds of fiction. During the summers, I lived under the cool sun of Seattle, Washington and went to Mariners baseball games. Later, I studied abroad in Costa Rica, where I had the bright idea of studying philosophy while learning Spanish at the University of Costa Rica. It would be safe to say that I did a lot better kicking back on the sandy beaches and trekking through the lush rain forests off campus. I also made a quick trip to Europe, seeing the sights in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, which were all amazing places. Afterward, I earned a PhD in sociology and met the love of my life. I currently live in a Midwestern college town with my wife and three kids, who like to Hop on Pop.

During my free time, I write¬†genre fiction, focusing mainly on romantic comedy, fantasy, and action/adventure. You can find some of my free short stories on this blog and my novels (some of which are permafree) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and other sites. If you join my mailing list, I’ll send you a free ebook from my collection as a ‘Thank You.’

Best regards,