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In the ancient land of Kor, a young wizard, who has yet to discover all of his power and destiny, saves a village from a flock of soul eating creatures. Not long after the villagers celebrate his success, however, the owner of the creatures—a gigantic, horned beast that has the ability to travel between the Underworld and the land of the living—wants the young wizard’s soul and the soul of the kingdom’s princess as payment for killing his pets. If the young wizard does not comply by the next full moon, the beast threatens to destroy everything and everyone in the kingdom.

Lorcan, the young wizard, and his best friend, Braeden, set out on a journey to find a way to defeat the powerful beast, leading them to meet with Turloch, the kingdom’s famous healer, who recognizes the inner strength that Lorcan possesses, and with Odrahn, the kingdom’s old, hermit-like wizard. During the journey, Lorcan trains with the old wizard and falls in love with an elf named Kyra, who is on a secret mission to hide the one crystal that can kill the horned beast because a dark wizard from the Eastern Kingdom wants it for his own evil purposes. On the night of the full moon, the horned beast captures Kyra and forces Lorcan to choose to either kill it, which would also lead to Kyra’s death yet save the kingdom, or save Kyra, his new found love, but only in a way that would allow the beast to live and destroy the kingdom. Find out what the young wizard decides to do in this epic fantasy of magic, adventure, and love.



Lorcan has already proven himself to be a powerful young wizard, yet he is still discovering his potential and learning how to control his magical abilities. While on the King’s ship, he accidentally ages the Queen—leaving her with a week left to live. The Kingdom’s healer, Turloch, tells everyone that the only thing that can save the Queen is the root of the Bilberry Bush, which grows on Blossom Island. But, because of the root’s anti-aging properties, it is guarded by a grim reaper. To make matters worse, three blood witches learn of Lorcan’s arrival on the island and want to take his blood in order to live much longer lives. Now, Lorcan must use all of his skills and the help of his friends, Princess Iris, Braeden, and Kyra, to get the Bilberry root by defeating the grim reaper before being killed and returning it to Turloch without being captured by the blood witches—all within a week’s time or else the Queen will die of old age. However, under such pressure, things don’t go as planned, for better and for worse.

Find out how the young wizard solves his problems in this epic fantasy of magic, adventure, and love.