10 Seriously Awesome Coffee Mugs for Fantasy Fans

With winter just around the corner, it’s great to drink something warm from your favorite coffee mug, even if it’s not coffee. And, if you’re like me, there always seems to be room in the cabinet for just one more coffee mug.  So, I picked out 10 seriously awesome coffee mugs for fantasy fans. Any one of these could become your new favorite coffee mug or make for a wickedly fantastic present. Or, check out the also boughts on these for even more cool cups.

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Dragon Skeleton

Forest Fairy

Purple Dragon

The Skull

Dragon in Grey

The Tankard

Rainbow Unicorn

The Travel Dragon

Spirit Animal

The Goblet

In addition to these mugs (and the also boughts), there are some fun Harry Potter morphing mugs, ones that change their pictures on the side of the mug when hot liquid is poured in them. They have the Marauder’s Map, Snape, Dobby, the sorting hat, and more.

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Photo Credit: Mysticsartdesign from Pixabay.

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