This is Totally the Best Tea Ever to Drink While Reading or Writing

I love Fall for many reasons, but a main one is because drinking tea becomes even more delicious. There is something so peaceful about sipping a hot cup while it is cool and grey outside. Then, combine that with 15 minutes of reading or writing (wish it could be more time, but, you know, life), and preferably in a soft, comfy chair, and the craziness of reality just vanishes. Amazing and wonderful!

But, not all teas taste that good to me. Some make my tongue scrunch up and my throat beg for clean water.

So, below I share with you the totally best tea ever to drink while reading or writing. I seriously drink this tea like everyday–well, almost everyday. But, it’s my number one, my go to, my fav. And I’ll share with you my runner up tea, too.

Both teas will definitely make you smile. And along with that, tea is good for you!

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The Medical Community’s Opinion

Sometimes drinking too much of something is not a good thing for your body. Too much alcohol makes your liver cringe. Too much soda leads to unhealthy weight gain. But, the medical community typically gives tea the green light. Go for it. There are many health benefits to drinking tea.

As a quick note, however, drinking an excessive amount of certain teas–many, many cups per day, like more than five–can have some minor negative consequences, such as giving you too much caffeine or reducing the effectiveness of some medications and the ability to absorb iron at a typical rate.  Yet, that all depends on the type of tea and the type of medication.

So, under normal circumstances, drinking any type of tea is a great idea. Scientists have found that drinking tea, especially green tea and herbal tea, even five plus cups a day, reduces the chances of having a heart attack or stroke. It increases your immune system, which fights off sicknesses. And tea contains antioxidants, which help you live longer.

For a detailed list of teas and their health benefits, check out this book.

What is the Totally Best Tea Ever to Drink While Reading or Writing?

Okay, with so many teas out there (this site says there are over 3,000 varieties), from fruity flavored to bitter, which one tastes the best? Now, full disclosure: I’ve only tasted about 50 different varieties and I’m only one person offering my subjective opinion based on my particular taste buds. And it’s all about the taste here. Nonetheless, the following tea is super popular and is healthy, too. You may already know about it and enjoy it. If not, it really is a treat.

The tea that I drink most often and I think you’ll really enjoy is: Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy.

Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy tea has an amazing flavor and drinking it will perk you up and get your mind going. It will, in my experience, enliven your visions while reading and make you more creative while writing. I don’t know if it’s the caffeine (although you can get the non-caffeinated Sweet and Spicy, too) or if it’s the act of sipping on something yummy or just a placebo effect, but it works.

It’s definitely worth a try, if you haven’t already.

The Runner Up

Last year my mother-in-law bought me a loose leaf tea maker/strainer, and so I began drinking loose leaf teas. (Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy comes in the single cup bags). There are so many delicious loose leaf teas, the kind where you open the bag to see a combination of dried leaves and berries and grasses and whatever else, depending on the type of tea.

It is fun to put the teas in the tea maker and then let it drain into your mug. As weird as it sounds, it feels more organic than using the bags. In any case, I loved this particular loose leaf tea sampler.

I didn’t love every kind of tea in the sampler, but most of them. Among the 28 different kinds, I really enjoyed the Coconut Chocolate Truffle. It’s my runner up tea.

And here’s the loose leaf tea maker/strainer that I use. It comes in a variety of colors. It is really easy to use. After your tea is ready,  you place it on top of your mug and the tea drains from the tea maker into your mug. It’s also very easy to clean. You can rinse it out by hand or put it in the dishwasher.

What’s Your Favorite Tea or Drink?

Since there are so many great teas out there, which ones do you enjoy and recommend? Or, do you have a different favorite drink? Leave a comment below. We’d all appreciate it. Thanks!

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